Fulfillment America Finds Die Cut Solution


John Barry, Vice President, Fulfillment America

Fulfillment America (FAI) provides a broad range of fulfillment services to over 75 National and International companies. With locations in suburban Boston, MA and Dallas, TX, the number of services provided within the fulfillment process is very extensive, including e-commerce B2C and B2B, literature, POP, collateral, print-on-demand, kit assembly and more.

“Providing all of these services since our inception in 1992, we enjoy a strong reputation with our growing national and international client base,” said John Barry, FAI’s Vice President.

“Our specialty printing division, FAI Print, wanted to streamline the production and turn-around of our greeting card finishing system which serves top brands within the stationery and gift industries. I was quick to recognize the advantages the Insignia would provide to FAI’s card embellishment process and in fact, I supplied the FAI team with samples of card products that were produced on the Insignia 5 sheet-fed die cutting system and they were impressed by their quality,” he said.

Subsequently, FAI made a visit to a local package printing company currently utilizing the larger format (30×24”) Insignia7 die cutter. “I was immediately impressed with the Insignia’s speed, accuracy, and its ability to die-cut, kiss-cut, and crease all in one process while removing the sheet matrix and delivering high volumes of precisely cut card products,” Barry said.

Fulfillement 8

John Barry views the output from the Insignia5 die cutter.

FAI made the decision to start with the Insignia 5 die cutter model with a 20×15” sheet capacity, ideal for output from their HP Indigo 7800 press. They are utilizing their Insignia 5 for die-cutting, creasing and delivery of their wedding invitations, greeting cards and other stationary products.

FAI is now looking into a larger format Insignia die- cutter to accommodate other products printed on their larger presses.

Rollem offers Insignia in four sizes starting at 20×15”, 20×20”, 30×24” and the X3 24×24” which handles up to 30 pt. thicknesses. The Insignia Series offers a variety of delivery systems to best meet the type of product produced and gives users the option of a single-magnetic or dual-magnetic cylinder configuration, each of which has specific benefits for processing PSA materials or straight-line creasing.

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