USPS Plus One Marriage Mail Program Details Released

The USPS has released details and pricing of its Plus One marriage mail test. Plus One is an addressed advertising card that may be mailed as an add-on piece with a USPS Marketing Mail Letters “marriage mail” envelope containing multiple advertising pieces.

Saturation Letter marriage mailers can add a Plus One card to existing and/or new mailings to increase advertising reach and to drive customer response rates.

Marriage Mail is a form of direct mail that “marries” or combines advertisements such as coupons or sales notices from multiple companies in one mail package to share the cost of mailing. Only one Plus One card can be entered for each “host” USPS Marketing Mail Saturation marriage letter piece.

The USPS plans to launch a market test of an experimental product called Plus One on October 1, 2019.

Marriage mail is a service provided by third-party mail service providers who combine advertisements from multiple businesses into a single mailpiece, thereby significantly reducing each business’s per-address mailing expense.

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Plus One Program Requirements

Plus One Regional Pricing Notice

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