Vote-By-Mail Means No More Hacking Elections


For the last three years Americans have learned of numerous attempts by the Russians and other entities to interfere in elections. But some states have figured out a way to eliminate the possibility of hacking: Vote-By-Mail!

The trend is taking off, with Hawaii being the latest state to conduct all elections by mail.

So how do election officials process paper ballots and guarantee election integrity? With technology from vendors like Tritek Technologies and Engineering Innovations, whose advance systems are able to guarantee every vote is counted.


Tritek Vote-By-Mail System

EZ-Letter Sorters For Vote-By-Mail

Washington State is in the midst of state and local elections this month. State citizens receive their ballot in the mail and can vote — postage free — by mailing it back via the USPS. Or, they can use ballot drop boxes (pictured above).

Last October, Washington State officials insisted that their Vote-By-Mail system makes state elections safe from hackers … (click to read more)