The Best Source For DR Services? An Experienced Mailer

From MAIL Magazine June-August edition:

Are you looking for a partner who can help you with transactional print and mail disaster recovery or overflow? Electronic Output Solutions (EOS) is a leading transactional mailer that offers DR and overflow services.

In fact, EOS is best at providing DR services to other in-plant print and mail operations. Its industry leading capabilities make it an easy choice for operations looking for an emergency backup.

Established in 2001, EOS has become a leader in Southern California and transactional mail. It has many years of experience with Banks, Credit Unions, Government, Utilities, and Healthcare with custom built solutions tailored to each vertical. In 2013 EOS expanded our reach to North Texas to offer our clients quicker in-home times and true disaster recovery.

Disaster Recovery

EOS capabilities include Certified mail, Certificate of Mail (3665), Compliant mailing and data handling (HIPAA and financial), MICR check printing, e-Delivery, bill payments, and more.

EOS believes in proper Disaster Recovery and this means doing a small volume of all critical communications regularly. The typical approach to DR is to do an annual test so you can officially “check the box” and say you have a DR plan.

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Having participated in the testing of such plans and seeing their shortcomings, EOS designed a DR plan to ensure client communications will go out as intended and not with the “prior versions legal language” or “terms and conditions” etc.

The only way to implement DR correctly is to do it live! EOS calls it Daily DR. A small amount of live communications done on a regular basis ensures not only the content of communications is up to date, but also data transfer and reporting functions are tested and working properly.

Transaction Print Offerings

Besides offering DR Services, EOS provides transactional mail partnering opportunities. Printers, brokers, or direct mail shops looking to extend their offerings into the transactional arena but who do not have the technology, staffing, or experience, can partner with EOS.

By partnering with EOS, companies can offer their customers transactional mail services that compete with some of largest providers in this category with services that will exceed customer expectations from day one.

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