Five Ways To Save On Upcoming Fall Mailing Season

Mailers are beginning their Fall mailing plans with an eye on cutting costs. Incremental savings in production can have a big impact on tight margins. Here are some ways to cut costs:

1) Lower ink costs for address printing: finding a lower cost supply of inkjet ink is a constant goal. Two companies could help you do just that. Arrow Ink offers low-cost replacement ink for most inkjet addressing systems (click here). Another option is finding a lower cost HP inkjet cartridge supplier like (click here).

2) Slash list processing costs: New options exist for processing mailing lists for postal mailings. Mailers Online offers online NCOA, DeDupe, CASS/DPV, Presort and other services. First 1000 names processed are free (click here).

3) End of the line automation: After mail is addressed, it still takes money to get it into the postal system. Automating tray banding can be made simple and less labor intensive with new strapping/banding systems from Dynaric (click here). And for large operations, automated tray banding can be incorporated with conveyor systems to move trays to the dock (click here).

4) Trim mailpiece size: If you’re mailing flats, consider trimming the catalog or printed piece to letter size mail. Turning an 8.5 x 11 catalog into a 6×11 catalog means cutting your postage bill nearly in half.

5) Lighten up: Carefully review the weight of your flats and investigate how to lessen the weight. Ask your printer or paper company for paper options that achieve a lighter product. Start with your last job and see what a 5% decrease in paper weight reduction translates into postage savings. Often times the increased cost of lighter paper can mean a greater decrease in postage.