OPINION: Taxpayers Win as USPS Gives the Boot

From The American Conservative: “To most trying to mail a letter, the price to be paid is listed at the local post office. That price, now set at 55 cents, has gone up an astonishing 10 percent since January 27. But a handful of companies have licenses to buy postage at far cheaper than advertised rates and resell them at a hefty markup (though still below market price).

“Until last week, the “reselling” market was dominated by, which had an understanding with the USPS that it would only offer these discounted rates to larger companies that could buy postage in bulk. That makes plenty of sense, and many companies made use of this strategy in order to entice new and large consumers, and keep said consumers away from the competition.

“But did the exact opposite, offering small companies and organizations the same rates that larger companies were given …” (click to read more)