Online Mailing Software/List Processing FACT SHEET

Mailers can utilize online mail processing software to comply with postal regulations, often at great savings. They can also speed list processing through online services as well as dozens of other omnichannel services.

Here are two services available for mailing and data cleaning:

MAILERS Online: Cloud-based PAVE Certified Postal Software Alternative

What Does MAILERS Online Do?

MAILERS Online, an end-to-end mailing solution in the Cloud, designed as a one stop shop to prepare USPS compliant direct mail with minimal effort. Increase mail deliverability, navigate complex postal regulations with ease, and achieve the lowest postage rates. MAILERS also allows job template settings to be saved easily for future use … (click for more information)

Listware Online: Cloud-based Data Cleansing & Enrichment Tool

What Does Listware Online Do?

Listware Online easily cleans and enriches all of your People Data – names, addresses, phones, and emails – to improve your omnichannel marketing efforts, speed up deliveries, and strengthen your bottom line … (click for more information)

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