USPS Secure Destruction Mail Service Expanded to Flats

The USPS Secure Destruction (SD), a value-added mail service offering that was initially launched nationally on November 18th, 2014 for first class letter mail, will now be available for first class “flat mail” starting on November 30th, 2018.

Secure Destruction is a premier USPS BlueEarth branded sustainability offering available to postal business mailers.

It is an opt-in service that provides a cost effective, secure, and convenient way to manage mail with personal protected information. The SD Service allows mailers that use Address Change Service (ACS) and Intelligent Mail barcodes to have their letter and flat sized First-Class Mail, that would otherwise be returned to the sender (RTS), securely shredded by the Postal Service at a USPS facility for no additional cost.

The SD Service lowers mailer in-house mail-handling costs and reduces carbon emissions associated with the reverse logistics process for RTS mail. As a part of the SD service, participating mailers can securely track destroyed mailpieces by accessing daily automated notifications provided on the USPS Electronic Product Fulfillment (EPF) website.

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