Updated: Guide to Move Update

Guide to Move Update
The USPS has issued an updated Guide to Move Update. The Move Update standard is a means of reducing the number of mailpieces in a mailing that require forwarding or return by the periodic matching of a mailer’s address records with change-of-address orders received and maintained by the Postal Service.

Mailers who claim presorted or automation prices for First-Class Mail or Standard Mail must demonstrate that they have updated their mailing list within 95 days before the mailing date.

The Guide to Move Update provides the mailing industry with information, resources and tools that help to meet the Move Update Standard.

Below is the list of changes made in this version:

1. Updated the web site links provided throughout document
2. Removed obsolete “ACS Profile” references
3. Inclusion of ACS “Green & Secure” and Secure Destruction service options information
4. Content updated for clarity and removal of duplicated information
5. Appendix 3 was updated to include the Legal Restraint Authorization process
6. Updated Appendix 4 99% Accuracy Testing information

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