First Rate Hike In January; When Is Second Hike

WASHINGTON, DC — Business mailers are generally relieved with the USPS 2019 rate hike announcement. First-Class Mail and Standard Mail bulk rates will rise modestly on January 27, 2019 and were inline with mailer expectations. Plus the meter discount and second ounce rollback will keep hikes in check.

And mailing rates did not take the hit of shipping hikes, which in some cases were double digit (click for story).

But this is the first rate hike of 2019, not the last. The Postal Regulatory Commission is expected to make a final ruling on its new ratesetting plan which, if approved as is, will give the USPS another 2% plus 1% of pricing authority in the new year.

Though there has been industry push back to the PRC proposal, the commission is expected to find a middle ground on giving the USPS power to raise rates above inflation.

Here is a breakdown on the 2019 postage rate hikes scheduled for January 27, 2019:

2019 Percent Increases by class

2019 First Class Mail First Ounce

2019 Marketing Mail Rates

2019 Package Services Rates

Click for 2019 Postage Rate Tables




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