USPS Mail Processing Services By ZIP Code: Automated Zone Indicator (AZI) Table

The USPS has released a list of the mail processing services provided for each ZIP Code.

The Automated Zone Indicator (AZI) Table lists each five-digit ZIP Code and is an indicator of the type of processing that typically takes place on letter mail destined for each ZIP Code.

Each number in the file is a ZIP Code appended with a numeric zone indicator. The last number shown is one of five of the following numeric indicators:

1. Two Pass Zones: Automated two-step sector/segment at mail processing facilities

2. 876 Carrier Route Sort Zones: Automated incoming secondary carrier route sorting at plants

3. Carrier Route Barcode Sorter (CSBCS) Zones: Automated walk sequence sorting on CSBCS machines at delivery units

4. Delivery Barcode Sorter (DBCS) Zones: Automated walk sequence sorting on DBCS machines at plants [i.e., sectional center facilities (SCFs)] or at delivery units

5. Manual/Mechanized Zones: No automated sorting; no tracking code scans should be generated from facilities matched to these ZIP Codes

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