The World Of EI Technology: Save Postage, Speed Processing

Innovative Products Boost Productivity Without Costing A Fortune

From the May issue of MAIL Magazine:

LAFAYETTE, IN — Engineering Innovation is a world-class leader in mail and parcel processing technology, offering output operations real solutions that save money and increase productivity.

Here’s a look inside EI’s world of technology:

Chameleon Parcel-Processing Automation That Adapts to Your Environment

The Chameleon makes automation and productivity enhancement cost effective for rapidly growing parcel processing operations. More than fully adaptable, its portability and workflow flexibility enables it to blend into existing operations, interfacing with OMS, WMS and other business systems to simplify the processing of both incoming and outgoing shipments … (click to read more)

LightSort Sorting System

The LightSort Sorting System easily integrates into existing processes using light technology for expedited processing. The low-cost systems quickly improve accuracy, productivity, and data tracking. The LightSort Sorting System is low maintenance, durable, and easy to move for reconfiguration and storage. It can be adapted to many functions including LightSort Pick-To-Light, LightSort Put-To-Light, and and Sort-To-Light for processing parcels and poly bags in the Sort-to-Light for induction to the U.S. Postal Service … (click to read more)

EZ-Flats Premium Automated Dynamic Sort

EZ-Flats Premium offers a solution for obtaining automation postage discounts from the USPS. EZ-Flats Premium encompasses a fully-automated labeling process, a conveyor system, and Dynamic Sort. After the mail piece address is read by the OCR the label applicator applies a label and the mail piece is moved on an automatic conveyor to the automated machine bins. This solution allows the operator to sort, manifest, and bill all from one convenient location … (click to read more)

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