Self Service Post Office, Automated Guide Vehicles Deployed

The Postal Service is continuing to innovate with automation, opening its first self-service only retail unit and deploying automated guide vehicles (AGVs). USPS Chief Operating Officer Dave Williams highlighted some of the latest developments at the Mailers Technical Advisory Committee meeting in June.


Automated Guide Vehicles (AGV): Internal measurement of containers within a plant. USPS operations is deploying automated tow motors, currently in Pennwood Place, VA in July 2018 and Portland, OR in October 2018. The intent is to pull labor cost out of plant operations.

Self Service PO 2018

From a retail perspective, “Tyson’s Corner, VA” is the first USPS self service only retail unit. Dave encouraged everyone in the area to stop by this USPS location and see how this retail unit is working out.

New USPS Equip 2018

And the Postal Service announced new equipment deployment including sorters, unsleevers, and feed systems.