SendPro Enterprise: The Power of Shipment Control In The Cloud


Jason Dies, President of SMB Solutions, Pitney Bowes

Earlier this month Pitney Bowes Inc. announced the launch of SendPro Enterprise, a cloud-based multi-carrier and PC postage software solution that gives enterprises greater visibility and control across all shipping and mailing activity and spend.

With many locations to oversee, from the mail center, to the office, to satellite locations and remote employees, maintaining cost controls over shipping and mailing can be challenging. Complete with flexible payment solutions and financing, Pitney Bowes offers a simplified way to manage these expenses, enhance flexibility and improve profitability.

“SendPro Enterprise takes the complexity out of shipping,” said Jason Dies, President of SMB Solutions, Pitney Bowes in an interview with MAIL Magazine.

“Whether you’re sending parcels, packages or mail, SendPro Enterprise helps clients make smart decisions every time they send. The solution gives complete control and visibility over an enterprise’s shipping and mailing activity by showing costs by carrier, by person, and method of delivery.”

And what kind of control can a manager have over the shipping decisions made by others in the cloud? According to Dies, total control.

“SendPro Enterprise is permissions based, so the administrator can personalize different options for different users,” he said.

SendPro Enterprise is ideal for organizations with multiple locations and remote employees. It helps reduce overspending by providing each user the tools to select the right carrier option for each package. And, it increases visibility and control by consolidating all shipping activity and costs across the entire organization in one dashboard.

Organizations can bring multi-carrier shipping and PC postage to every employee’s desktop, no matter if they are working in the office or remote … (click to read more)