H.O.T. Installs Jetstream Cutting, Finishing System

HOT Graphics pic equip..png

H.O.T. Graphics in Northwood, OH recently installed a Jetstream XY bi directional finishing system from Rollem International. The Jetstream system maximizes productivity by performing high volume, fully automated trimming, slitting, scoring and perforating.

During installation H.O.T. Graphics printed 12 up 6×11” postcards printed on a Kamori press with overall gloss H-UV coating plus spot reticulating varnish. The Jetstream delivers perfect cuts on all types of standard and raised UV coatings. It is the most cost effective method for cutting high volumes of business cards, postcards, photo cards, advertising cards, brochures and much more. The Jetstream works independently offline or in-line, directly with presses, coaters and folders.

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