Dermot Murphy, CEO of Millennium Group, Passes Away

Dermot Murphy, a leader in the mail industry whose career included starting a sorting company and later a leading outsource management company, has died.

Murphy passed away earlier this year. He was the founder of the New Jersey Sorting Company in 1984 and later, Tri-State Management Services. In 1998 the company was renamed The Millennium Group expanding client locations across the U.S.

Featured in the December 2001/January 2002 issue of MAIL Magazine, Murphy was on the cutting edge of mailing technology offering data processing, laser printing, fulfillment and lettershop services.

His goal was simple: “create a great service environment, develop long standing relationships, and invest in employees.”

“There is no other firm like ours in the industry,” Murphy told the Journal. “Our vision of reinvesting in ourselves with creative solutions has made the difference in our success.”

The Millennium Group is directed under the leadership of Timothy P. Kerner, CMDSM, MQC. Click for information on Millennium Group.

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