USPS GUIDANCE: Trays Placed on Pallets

The Postal Service has released the following guidance for Trays Placed On Pallets:

The following has been created to address instances of pallets of trays that may be rejected due to the direction tray labels are facing once stacked on a pallet.

Any combination of trays (1-foot, 2-foot, EMM) can be stacked on the same pallet as long as the finished pallet is sturdy and meets all height and weight requirements.

Pallets of trays must not be rejected, held, or sent back to mailer for rework solely because some or all trays are not:

— Facing outward
— Counter-stacked
— Stacked right side up

Although not required:

— Trays on pallets should be stacked right side up with labels facing outward.
— Trays should be counter – stacked where possible to build the sturdiest pallet possible.