Manage All Your PO Boxes From One Account Online

The Postal Service’s Enterprise PO Boxes Online (EPOBOL) is now available for enrollment. Enterprise PO Boxes Online allows customers to open, close, and pay for their PO Boxes, Caller Service Boxes and Reserve Boxes online from one account with ACH Debit or Trust in a secure environment.

Eliminating the need to make a payment at each post office where a PO Box, Caller Service Box and Reserve Box is held. This new feature provides a modernized view of account payments, balance and transaction history. Once enrolled in Enterprise PO Boxes Online, you will receive account notifications, alerts and you are able to customize payment reporting and dashboard capabilities.

Signing up for the new Enterprise PO Box Online is quick and easy – follow the steps below and simply provide USPS with your PO Box, Caller Service Box or Reserve Box inventory. The USPS will upload all your PO Boxes to the Enterprise Payment PO Box Online System for you to pay and manage your PO Boxes.

Here’s how to get started:

1. Establish a Business Customer Gateway (BCG) Account at

2. Provide your PO Box, Caller Service or Reserve Box inventory

3. Open an Enterprise Payment Account

4. USPS uploads your boxes to the Enterprise PO Boxes Online system

5. Access/Manage Boxes online

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