East Tenn State Gives Students Parcels On-Demand

With smart phones in hand, today’s 21.8 million college students shop and transact e-commerce with a few simple clicks. Don McCarty, Postal Director at East Tennessee State University (ETSU) discovered that this trend meant his mail services center was frequently deluged with parcels that included everything from textbooks to clothing to medical supplies. This put enormous pressure on his limited mail center staff and physical space…and created long lines at the services counter as students queued to claim needed parcels. McCarty decided it was time to reinvent the university’s obsoleted parcels distribution process.

McCarty consulted his NACUMS peer network and learned of a new automated parcel delivery system called “PAD”, (Packaged Asset Delivery) from TZ and Modular Millwork. He contacted Dan Flack, Sales Manager and discussed his challenges and goals for parcels management. Dan analyzed ETSU’s situation and recommended an internet-enabled “intelligent lockers system” that allows Don’s staff to pre-load parcels in a bank of conveniently located lockers students can then access “on-demand” to claim packages … (click to read more)

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