HYBRID: The Cheap Way To Go Production Inkjet

Heard at MAILCOM ’17:

A revolution is underway in how large transactional and direct mailers print mail, with production inkjet price points and quality displacing traditional offset.

But some mailers are finding a cheap way to gain the power of variable data inkjet printing while retaining the low-cost of offset: mix the two.

That was the discussion by mailers and manufacturers at MAILCOM ’17.

Instead of entirely replacing current printing systems with production inkjet, some lettershops are creating a hybrid system in which offset does the bulk of the printing and an inkjet printing unit does the spot variable printing at the end of the printing process.

This hybrid approach capitalizes on advanced inkjet printing systems used in addressing. One inkjet addressing manufacturer at MAILCOM noted an uptick in orders for its systems which are then incorporated with offset.

Case studies on innovative hybrid systems will be posted shortly.

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