Are Postal Workers Stealing Illegally Mailed Weed?

The Inspector General of the Postal Service issued a report in October dealing with the illegal shipment of marijuana. The problem is, much of the report is blacked out or “redacted”.

“Insufficient controls over handling and tracking packages suspected of containing marijuana from initial retrieval from the mail to final disposition increases the risk these packages could be lost, stolen, mishandled, or undetected,” the OIG states. “This could expose employees to harm or danger, foster criminal activity, adversely affect drug investigations and prosecutions, and negatively impact the Postal Service’s brand, and the integrity of the mail.”

The OIG states: “We recommended management implement a nationwide policy for handling, tracking, and providing additional security for packages suspected of containing marijuana to reduce the risk of these packages being lost or stolen; and develop training to ensure responsible personnel understand their roles and responsibilities.

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