UPDATE: Informed Visibility For Your Mail In 2017

The USPS has released updated information on Informed Visibility. The Postal Service is introducing Informed Visibility® (IV®), which provides the mailing industry with powerful insight into the USPS mailstream. This insight allows you, as a mailer, to more effectively plan and manage your mailings, thus increasing value to your customers. This document provides an overview of IV and additional details about the mail tracking data migration process … (click to read more)

Migrating to Informed Visibility

As part of Release 1.0 of Informed Visibility®(IV®), mail tracking visibility from IMb Tracing® and PostalOne!® as well as Data Distribution Profiles from the Mailer ID (MID) system will be migrated to IV. This presentation provides information regarding actions that migrating users need to take to ensure there is no interruption in receiving mail tracking data … (click to read more)

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