Lincoln Motor’s “See It First” Campaign Wins Direct Mail Award

Lincoln, GTB, and Structural Graphics has won the 2nd Quarter 2017 Irresistible Mail Award from the USPS Product Innovations team. This mail piece plays a video on an embedded screen that introduces Continental’s heritage and features.

The Postal Service has launched the Irresistible Mail™ Award to showcase the most innovative and creative work in direct mail advertising. If you have managed, designed, or printed an outstanding campaign in the last 12 months, come to to enter.

Irresistible mail will be featured at Direct Mail Days at MAILCOM ’17 (click to read more).

If you want your mail campaign to be considered, here’s the details:

Entry is free and easy.

Mail owner, Agency and Printer winners are announced quarterly. Grand Champions receive the Irresistible Mail Award at the National Postal Forum.

Innovative pieces may include features on the following list or something even more revolutionary:

— Items with unique shapes (2D or 3D), sizes, textures, or colors designed to be noticed in the mailbox
— Design and messaging on the outside of the envelope/self-mailer designed to increase open rates (e.g., transparent envelopes)
— Digital interactivity (ability to link from mail piece to digital experience through QR codes, AR, URLs, PURLs, NFC, etc.)
— Video in print
— Physical interactivity (ability to manipulate the mail piece through folding, etc.)
Multisensory engagement through:
— Olfactory (scent)
— Texture of envelope, paper, or ink
— Specialized inks (water-, heat-, light-sensitive, or conductive inks)
— Personalization (greeting, content)
— Engaging content marketing (magazines and magalogs)
— Physical items designed to be generate ongoing impressions (e.g., magnets, calendars, etc.)

The contest rules, the submission form, and past winners can be found at

Contact Information: Phone: 202-268-4880 or Email: