Vitamix Mailcenter Ship Solution

Vitamix had no problem creating top-of-the-line food-preparation equipment. The problem the company faced was unnecessarily expensive shipping costs.
Vitamix Mailroom Coordinator Jennifer McRae (pictured above) is in charge of all Vitamix mailing operations.

One of her roles is to find the best way to ship cookbooks, products, product-part replacements and marketing materials. Most Vitamix departments chose expensive parcel carrier options when shipping packages. Those expenses quickly added up.

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“I always knew that there was an option to make our mail center more cost-effective,” said McRae, “but it was hard to imagine the possibilities available to me without having experienced them.”

So to save money and improve tracking, she installed the NeoShip online shipping system from Neopost.

“The costing, the package tracking and the reporting has made my job so much easier,” said McRae.

She uses the system to send out about 60 packages a week, mostly cookbooks and replacement parts.

“Tracking is great because it gives confidence to the people that are using it,” she said. “It gives them comfort knowing that they have tracking and be able to check on the addresses.”

NeoShip ensures full IMpb compliance, creating USPS compliant shipping labels. Users can obtain a complete view online of all shipments and stay informed by tracking each package as it travels to its destination.

Best of all, Vitamix gains significant discounts on Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express by having access to Commercial Base Pricing.

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