LUCKY MAILERS: Some Postage Rates Decline In 2017

Not every rate class is going up in the proposed postage rate hikes for January 22, 2017.
From First Class metered mail to Standard (Marketing) Mail to Nonprofit letters, some mailers will actually see their rates go down.


— Metered Mail Lower: The rate for First-Class single piece meter mail will be 46 cents, declining half cent and a full 2 cents lower than the new 49 cent single piece rate … (click for chart)

— First Class Bulk Mail: 5 Digit Automation Letters go to 0.373 from 0.376 … (click for chart)

— Marketing (Standard) Mail: Five Digit Auto Letters and High Density/Saturation Letters drop, 1.6% and 4.6% respectively … (click for chart)

— Standard (Marketing Mail) Flats Piece rates: FSS changes mean rate cuts … (click for chart)

— Standard (Marketing Mail) Flats Pound rates: Again, FSS chnges mean rate cuts … (click for chart)

— Nonprofit Standard (Marketing Mail): Nonprofit 5-digit letters, Carrier Route, and High Density/Saturation rates all decline … (click for chart)