Wolverine Buys Document Inkjet Press

Wolverine Solutions Group announces major investment in its Detroit-based business

Wolverine Solutions Group, a leader in business critical communications using web-based and traditional direct mail channels designed to engage business and consumer audiences in a wide range of industries, announced it purchased the high definition Screen Truepress Jet 520 HD inkjet printer for commercial printing and publishing applications.

Wolverine is the only company in Michigan to own the Screen Truepress, which offers optimal paper transport, drying techniques and screening technologies, combined with the industry’s fastest printing capabilities.

Founded in Detroit in 1978, Wolverine invested more than $3m for the capital equipment and considers it a strategic move to remain the industry leader in Michigan’s direct mail and business communications space, according to CEO Robert Tokar (pictured above).

“We’ve always pursued ambitious goals that position us as a creative partner for our customers. In an era of digital communications, hard copy is surprisingly popular and still the chief mode of communicating in the marketplace,” Tokar said.

“Until now, the challenge has been the relatively slow pace of the hard copy option. For example, 500 thousand piece projects that may take two weeks with a traditional printer can now be done in a few days, or even hours, with the Truepress. It’s this combination of quality and speed to market that will give our customers meaningful options in digital versus hard copy when determining the best method to communicate with their audience.”

The capabilities of the Screen Truepress Jet 520 HD include:

— Industry leading printing speed, output (300 fpm) and resolution (1200X1200)

— The ability to print on a wide range of  paper substrates and board weights (up to 12 point stock), creating new opportunities for innovation in direct mail products such as postcards and one piece mailers

— Independently controlled print heads that allow the use of only one color, yet incur no time delay in switching from a single color to a multi-color job

— An Equios workflow software  system that allows all levels of variable data to be processed at full engine speed

— 20” web width edge to edge bleed

— JetInspection that allows for real time inspection across all pages of printed output

The printer, which required a buildout of Wolverine’s 180,000 square foot production facility to accommodate its 75 foot length and 12 foot width, will be used for communications in a variety of industries served by Wolverine, including agencies, automotive, healthcare, insurance, gaming, financial services and governmental units such as cities and schools.

“The direct mail marketplace is thriving,” Tokar said. “While digital options are growing, print is still exceedingly relevant and, depending on the message, often the most effective way to reach or influence a target market and elicit a response.”

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