Mailworks Adds First Inkjet Press

The Mailworks, an Albany, NY-based full service direct mail marketing firm, has installed the game-changing Océ VarioPrint i300 color digital press. This landmark installation for the direct mail leader further expands its launch into the inkjet revolution.

Processing over 100 million pieces of direct mail each year, Mailworks has provided direct mail and marketing solutions to national companies and local New York businesses since 1984. With more than 60 industry professionals managing its ever-evolving operation, Mailworks is also recognized for providing companies, both large and small, with quality and cost effective print and mail project management services.

“Once we acquired what came to be some defining new customers, we knew Mailworks had the opportunity to expand its operation and offer a whole new range of services,” said Brianne Noonan, president of The Mailworks (pictured above). “To meet these new demands in a cost effective way, we turned to the Océ VarioPrint i300 which has enabled Mailworks to treat our customers as business partners and propose strategic solutions that can help drive profitability and new revenue streams.”

Combining the reduced costs of inkjet with the media and application flexibility of sheet-fed production, the Océ VarioPrint i300 inkjet color digital press, since installation, has allowed Mailworks to produce dynamic jobs with variable color while keeping costs low and quality high. With this new inkjet press and its ability to print up to 294 letter images per minute or more than 8,500 duplex letter sheets per hour, Mailworks is positioned to meet and exceed its goal of impacting current customers’ business on a deeper level.

“While we are certainly excited to explore new ways to help our current diverse customer base, the Océ VarioPrint i300 also opens the door for Mailworks to pursue entirely new business with inkjet technology that provides great quality and high-speed production,” added Noonan. “Whether in our sales, marketing, or production team, the i300 has generated excitement around Mailworks as we enter the inkjet space and broaden our services.”

Part of that excitement comes from the i300’s ability to print white paper in, full color out relevant documents in exceptional turnaround times. Because of this, Mailworks is equipped not only to increase its volume, but can simultaneously expand its footprint while strategically enhancing the workflow and production of both new and existing customers. By providing its customers with these new offerings and services, Mailworks has gone from reactive order takers, to proactive order makers engaging in customer discussions around ROI and overall business impact.

“We’re setting the bar high with what we can now offer and provide our clients, and we plan to continuously enhance those offerings to cement our position as a partner to our customers and an extension of their business plans,” confirmed Noonan. “The Océ VarioPrint i300 seamlessly integrates with our vast range of services and will help us grow in this ever-changing and demanding industry.”

Powering the Océ VarioPrint i300 and helping customers like Mailworks expand their footprint is the press’s Océ iQuarius technologies, which were designed to offer a range of innovations that allow for robust, high quality prints on sheets of paper at high speeds. Combined with the i300’s ability to provide a white-sheet-in, finished-application-out workflow, the iQuarius technologies help meet the demands of today’s shorter run, fast turnaround print requirements.

“The i300 is proving to be a game-changer in a number of different industries and for a wide range of customers looking to grow their business through inkjet innovations,” said Francis A. McMahon, senior vice president, Marketing, Production Print Solutions, Canon Solutions America. “The future of print is being redefined right before our eyes by technologies like the i300 and companies like The Mailworks who use it in ways to help their customers that are both unique and forward-thinking.”

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