MAILCOM Vegas August 22-24, 2016 – Register Today; January 2017 Postage Rate Hikes To Be Reviewed


The MAILCOM Las Vegas program catalog is now available, detailing the 90+ seminars and workshops and 12 management certificate programs that will be offered August 22-24, 2016. Three keynote speakers will be featured including Jim Cochrane, the USPS Chief Marketing & Sales Officer and Executive Vice President.

This will be the 23rd Annual Fall Convention and will be held at the Tuscany Suites Hotel in Las Vegas, NV.

The special hotel conference room rate at the Tuscany is $65 per night.

Click here for the MAILCOM Las Vegas catalog program.

January 2017 Postage Rate Hikes To Be Reviewed

Postage rates are heading higher in 2017, but how much and when are subjects of much speculation. Business mailers can learn the latest at the Mail and Document Technology Roundtable, presented on August 23 and moderated by Ron Goglia, AVP, Output Distribution Services, Cigna.

In addition to the latest rate news, the roundtable will explore the technology mailers use to streamline operations and gain postage discounts.

Other keynote presentations include Wes Friesen, CMDSM, the author of Your Team Can Soar! He will speak at the Annual Leadership Luncheon on August 23 beginning at 12:30. The Mail and Document Technology Roundtable will be presented on August 23, moderated by Ron Goglia, AVP, Output Distribution Services, Cigna.

Management Certificate Programs

Attendees will be able to earn a Management Certificate in one of 12 areas of specialized study, including: Mail Systems Management; Safety & Security Compliance Training; Postal Mail Management; Leadership & Team-building; Office & Support Services; Government Mail Management Training; Address & Data Mail Management; Document Technology & Mail Automation; College/University & Non-Profit Mail Management; Strategic & Delivery Mail Management; Professional Development; and General Studies.
Credit for earning management certificates can be applied towards the MCOM credentials, the Master Certification in Mail Communications.

CMDSM/CMDSS Certification

Every qualified manager attending MAILCOM can take the written final exam at MAILCOM to earn the designation “Certified Mail and Distribution SystemsManager” (CMDSM). The MSMA will also be offering the “Certified Mail and Distribution Systems Supplier” (CMDSS) final examination. Deadline for applications is August 1, 2016. For details go to

Ninety Sessions Featured (See program catalog for descriptions)

Educational sessions are grouped in 11 educational tracks, including:

TRACK 1: Mail Systems Management — Sessions for managing corporate mail and distribution systems.

TRACK 2: Safety & Security Compliance Training — Sessions for implementing and managing facility security.

TRACK 3: Postal Mail Management — The latest postal regulations (including Full Service and Mailer Scorecards) are detailed.

TRACK 4: Leadership & Team-Building — The techniques for managing people in mail, document and distribution operations.

TRACK 5: Office & Support Services — Strategies for managing office services that are accountable and deliver high customer satisfaction.

TRACK 6: Government Mail Management Training — Unique aspects of managing government mail operations and complying with regulations and standards.

TRACK 7: Address Data & Delivery Mail Management — Tools and techniques for managing databases to get the most from your mailings.

TRACK 8: Print Technology & Mail Automation — The latest technology and strategies for managing high-volume transactional and direct mail.

TRACK 9: College/University & Non-Profit Mail Management — Covers issues unique to college/university mail and nonprofit mail operations.

TRACK 10: Professional Development — The programs and educational opportunities for professional development in mail, document and distribution services.

TRACK 11: Strategic Management — Advanced sessions that look to produce results 2-3 years from now in mail operations.

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MAILCOM Las Vegas Catalog
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MAILCOM Las Vegas is sponsored by the Mail Systems Management Association and MAIL: The Journal of Communication Distribution. MAILCOM is the world’s largest educational organization for mail communications. For more information go to