Mail Printers Targeted By Crooks

Entities in Canada have been contacting printing companies in the U.S. requesting their services in printing mailings that are sent to US consumers. Once the print job is complete and the mailings are sent, the suspect/s mail the victim printing company a check that is drawn on a CIBC or BMO (Bank of Montreal) account. Once deposited the check is returned as “account closed,” or “NSF.” Attempts to contact the customer fail as they don’t respond to voice messages or emails.

Recently, we believe the targets in this case have been operating under the DBA’s: Direct Market, DMW Direct, API Global Fulfillment, DMG Group Corporation, DMG-Multimedia, Global Media, Slim-Tab, and LipoCitrex. Historically, we believe they have used the DBA’s: Axera International, BeSlim, Nutrim.

USPIS believes several printing companies have fallen victim in this scheme but may not have reported their loss to law enforcement. We are seeking to identify those victim companies and to speak to them regarding their possible nexus to this investigation.

Any questions, concerns, or information related to this inquiry may be directed to Postal Inspector Matt Schmitz at 920-869-3719 or via email at — From the U.S. Postal Service Industry Alert

UPDATE: The U.S. Postal Service issued this update to the story on April 20, 2016:

Follow-up to Mail Fraud Alert

An alert titled “Mail Fraud Investigation” was published on April 18, 2016, and contained information on a mail fraud scheme known to target US based printing companies and consumers. Several business/product names including Direct Market, DMW Direct, API Global Fulfillment, DMG Group Corporation, DMG-Multimedia, Global Media, Slim-Tab, LipoCitrex, Axera International, BeSlim, and Nutrim were identified as names used by the targets of this investigation.

As stated in the original alert, the mail fraud scheme under investigation is being orchestrated from one or more individuals who are based in Canada AND have identified themselves to victims as a Canadian based company. If any business within the United States is operating under one of the names listed above, they ARE NOT a part of this investigation and have never been suspected of having a role of any kind in this investigation. Rather, it is possible the target/s in Canada have assumed the name of one or more legitimate US based companies.

 It is highly recommended, as a means to prevent victimization, that US based companies DO NOT accept a business check as payment from a “high risk” Canadian based entity.