Mail Service Getting Worse, PRC Reports

WASHINGTON — Mailing service has been getting progressively worse for most mail classes and sub-classes, the Postal Regulatory Commission reports in its Annual Compliance Determination. Standard Mail Carrier Route is the notable exception to the decline with a steady service performance. For a complete copy of the report click here. Below are service performance graphs that were included in the report.

V-1 Mail Services That Met Performance TargetsV-2 Mail Services That Did Not Meet TargetsV-2 First Class Flats 2011-2015V-3 First Class FlatsV-4 First Class Flats 3-5 Day StandardV-6 First Class Flats 2011-2015 PerformanceV-5 Standard Mail Carrier Route 2012-2015V-7 Standard Mail Carrier RouteV-10 Standard Mail Flats