Post Office

Postage Rates Go Up Sunday Jan 26

Mailers will be paying more for postage beginning January 26, 2020 when new postage rates take effect. Here is rate information: Click for 2020 Rate Schedule PDF Click for [...]

Israel To Privatize Post

The last hurdle in the Knessett was cleared when the finance committee approved privatizing the Israel Postal Company, permitting up to 40% of the postal service to be sold [...]

ZIP Code Lookup

Look Up a ZIP Code by address, by city or by state from the official source, the United States Postal Service: Click to Lookup ZIP Code By Address Click to Lookup Zip Code By [...]

Here Come The Postal Delivery Robots

The Office of Inspector General released two reports that look at mail delivery robots by the Postal Service. One report shows a positive public perception for the concept. [...]