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How To Outsource Your Publications While Maintaining Editorial Control

Print publications remain a primary communications channel for organizations, institutions, government and corporations. But publishing has become more complex in many ways, from using the right printing technology for the job, integrating print with digital products, and postal distribution for the lowest cost.

No longer can you just print and mail. Today you require expertise in a multitude of areas to produce the best product, engage readers, and do so at the lowest cost.

And that is why organizations are outsourcing their publications to expert publishers to stay competitive and gain more value for the print dollar.

Maintaining editorial control and managing member interaction are the critical goals of any organization looking to outsource their publishing. That is difficult to find, because many so-called “custom publishers” use a template-like system of production that turns out mediocre work without the customization and expertise organizations require.

One leading publisher that offers custom publishing services produces the print editions of MAIL Magazine and the Official Mail Guide (as well as the digital edition you are reading now). They only accept custom publishing projects on a selective basis to clients worldwide.

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