How Document Automation Fits Into A Digital Transformation Strategy

From invoices to work orders, and contracts to compliance documents, the need for a paper trail is an essential step in ensuring smooth and manageable business. However, digitizing and automating document generation is often an afterthought on the digital transformation journey – even as digital technologies evolve. According to Gartner, 80% of business processes carried out today are document-centric.

Digitization is not a new topic in the invoicing space. About 20 years ago, the term ‘digitization’ came into our vocabulary, and it implied the promise of automation, cost savings, and productivity. So, if this has been around for decades, why aren’t we there yet? What is restricting companies from going digital? The reality is that shifting from paper to digital documents still isn’t as simple as organizations would like. Few businesses can fully claim they have reached a state of digital transformation, let alone define what it takes.

However, innovation and technology are addressing these gaps – things like document automation software take the work out of manual document creation processes … (click to read more)