Federal Guidelines For Standardized Patient Address Data

Project US@ was established by the Office of the National Coordinator (ONC) for Health Information Technology to create standards for patient address information. The initiative leverages the expertise of the USPS®, the nation’s authority on addresses and related data quality standards. Project US@’s primary goal is to improve patient matching across healthcare’s broad spectrum of clinical and administrative processes, enhancing the performance of patient matching algorithms through improved address quality.

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Determining if records correctly refer to a specific patient is critical to patient safety, whether the record is held within a single healthcare organization or across different healthcare organizations. By adopting Project US@, practice management platforms anticipate a reduced burden associated with developing and continuously working to improve patient query and matching efficiency, errors in de-duplicating patient records and billing, and other challenges.

Compliance Tools

Melissa supports compliance with the Project US@ federal data initiative to create a unified, industrywide specification for representing patient addresses.

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Melissa’s Address Object and Personator tools are in compliance with the Project US@ Technical Specification for Patient Addresses Domestic and Military, Version 1.0. These products validate address information at the point of entry in patient registration and standardize address information according to USPS® guidelines. With Melissa’s support, practice management platforms can verify, standardize, and correct postal addresses with a USPS® CASS & Canada Post SERP Certified address engine, updating missing or incorrect information in real time.

Duplicates are matched and eliminated, meeting a critical goal of Project US@. This includes all-in-one verification and standardization capabilities that leverage a comprehensive dataset of billions of consumer records to validate that phone numbers, email addresses, social security numbers (SSN), and full names are valid and associated with a particular individual.

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Melissa Supports Healthcare Practice Management Providers with Project US@ Data Compliance