MTS Logistics Selects Quadient to Automate Healthcare Communications


MILFORD, CT — MTS Logistics has selected Quadient to support its expanding delivery and forwarding services for the healthcare sector.

MTS Logistics recently upgraded its facility and today utilizes a complete suite of solutions from Quadient for the processing of confidential mail, including two IS-6000 high-performance mailing systems, two DS-200i connected folder inserters, mail integrity software AIMS (Automated Insertion Management System) and Quadient’s software solution to automate multi-channel customer communications.

For more than 25 years, MTS Logistics has been dedicated to providing a secure and reliable freight and logistics system for an active customer base of more than 5,000 healthcare facilities in the province of British Columbia, Canada, where the company is based.

MTS Logistics processes about 2.5 million crucial business communications annually through its Quadient intelligent folder inserters, and now sends more than a million communications annually with Quadient’s multi-channel document automation software.

“The healthcare community requires a time-sensitive, cost effective, reliable and secure system of distribution of business essential documents and Quadient’s solutions help us achieve this mission,” said Angela Cooper, distribution manager, MTS Logistics. “We required a more closed-loop system to ensure the integrity and security of each confidential mail piece, which is critical in the healthcare community. Quadient’s document and automated insertion management software provides fast verification and reporting that every piece of mail in a job has been processed accurately.

“Additionally, the solution has allowed us to create templates for client documents, streamlining our printing process. I am certain that as technology and customer expectations advance, we will always find more ways we can extend our work with Quadient. We have always been satisfied with the above-and-beyond service and both software and hardware solutions provided by Quadient.”

“We are grateful and excited to expand our long-time relationship with MTS Logistics and support them in their important mission of delivering vital healthcare communications on behalf of its many clients,” said Alain Fairise, chief solutions officer, Mail Related Solutions, Quadient. “The combination of Quadient’s software and smart mailing equipment helps mitigate the risk of human error, reduce manual processing, improve employee productivity and enhance the customer experience.”

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Quadient helps businesses improve the process of sending and receiving physical and digital communications to drive business results and improve the customer experience.

Quadient’s cloud-based software automates outbound document workflows and secures the mail preparation process through an intelligent barcode technology that ensures the right document goes into the right envelope every time.

Quadient’s software also integrates with Quadient connected equipment such as its intelligent folder inserters to provide real-time information to mail centers and manage every mail piece with absolute accuracy and efficiency.

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