SMS Direct, Inc. Delivers Savings With Pre-Owned Mailing Systems

From MAIL Magazine June-August edition:

To stay competitive, mail operations are constantly looking for ways to do more with less, and nothing helps improve margins like sourcing quality pre-owned or remanufactured equipment.

That is exactly what SMS Direct, Inc. does best! With a combined 25,000+ sq. ft of equipment to meet all their customers’ needs, they can assist with any piece of equipment that is utilized in any Mail Processing Facility of any size.

By providing specialty integration of new and remanufactured mail processing equipment, SMS Direct, Inc. is uniquely equipped to offer their customers a perfectly integrated product at a substantial savings in cost.

In fact, SMS Direct, Inc. is the largest provider of pre-owned mailing equipment in the US. The key to that success is the company’s combined 200+ years of mail operations, mechanical, and technical knowledge.

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Along with their expertise on integration and production enhancement, SMS Direct, Inc. has the staff and inventory to help reduce the ever changing “Revenue Per Direct Labor Hour”.

Their pre-owned and remanufactured inventory includes, but is not limited to: Flowmasters, Inserters, Feeder/Accum- ulator/Folders, Inkjet Addressing Systems, Friction Feeders, Affixers, Bindery and Tabbing Lines.

New Equipment Offered; Manufacturers Represented

Among the latest new equipment offered includes SMS Direct, Inc.’s very own equipment line: The SF1 Feeder/Accumulator/Folder and The SMS Tru-Check verification system.
SMS Direct, Inc. also represents the industry’s leading manufacturers including: Straightshooter Feeders & Card Affixers, Ameritek Tabbers, Baumfolder Folding Systems, GMS Glue Units and Postmatic Stamp Affixers.

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