Plug & Play: Kirk-Rudy’s 200 Interchangeable Products For Mail

From MAIL Magazine June-August 2019 Edition:

When designing your mailing operations, one key question to ask is: do all of the components plug and play? Can the operation be seamlessly modified in the future?
That’s what Kirk Rudy excels at — offering 200 interchangeable products for printing and processing mail.

This ability to offer a whole package has been a key reason for their 50+ years of success. It makes all of its products from the ground up and is constantly innovating. For instance, its new patented KR545T tabber places tabs on all sides of the mailpiece in one pass.

Products include Transport Bases, Autoloaders, Feeders, Conveyors, Stackers, Cameras, Dryers, Fiolders, Inserters, Labelers, Tabbers, Attaching Systems and more — all ready to plug and play with KR inkjet addressing systems.

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Those inkjet addressing systems include:

— Phoenix: KR’s flagship printer with Super high speed/high quality inkjet printing system that prints up to 4.25” wide up to 17″ wide.
— UltraJet: Mini version of the Phoenix, prints up to 2” wide.
— NetJet: KR’s most affordable printer, it uses HP Thermal Inkjet Technology (45A cartridges) to produce quality images up to 600 dpi.
— KolorJet: Full color CMYK thermal inkjet printing system capable of printing 500 envelopes in full color in 1 minute at 600 dpi.

All products are designed to increase production and maximize ROI. For instance, autoloaders will keep one of their many different feeders running all day long without an operator constantly feeding it. Instead of loading a handful of envelopes, you can load boxes of envelopes onto the autoloader conveyor which shingles the envelopes and constantly loads the friction feeder which is ideal for high speeds.

Kirk-Rudy designs and manufactures all of its own equipment in one factory, just outside Atlanta, GA. And they have been doing it since 1967, located
Founder Harry Kirk’s mission still holds true today: “If you build a better machine, it will sell itself.”

“Our equipment is built-to-last, providing the customer with equipment that will not need replacing every few years. Parts and upgrades are readily available for some of their equipment that was built in the 1970’s,” said Rick Marshall, President of Kirk Rudy.
“Although we are famous for our hardware, we have a dedicated team of long-time industry professionals that constantly find ways to incorporate new technology into our systems.”

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