How To Find Your CRID Or MID And How To Create One

A CRID is a USPS unique identifier for a Mail Owner or Mailing Agent at an address.
The U.S. Postal Service assigns a Customer Registration ID (CRID) is a unique number that identifies a specific business location involved in a mailing. It is normally assigned when a Mail Owner or Mailing Agent registers online with the Postal Service through the Business Customer Gateway.

The Mailer ID (MID) is a six-digit or nine-digit numeric code USPS assigns to a Mail Owner or Mailing Agent based on annual mail volume as verified by the USPS. A Mailer ID is required in all Intelligent Mail barcodes and is used to identify the Mail Owner or Mailing Agent as well as to send information to the Mail Owner or Mailing Agent associated with the Mailer ID regarding Intelligent Mail Full Service mailings. Mail Owners and Mailing Agents may have multiple Mailer IDs.

How To Find Your CRID, MID or create one:

1. Log into or create an account.
2. Once in, go to “Manage Account”.
3. Look for “Business Home Location”. Your CRID should be there.

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