Drone Delivery At University of Singapore

Airbus CEO Tom Enders told a conference on Monday that his company will be demonstrating a flying vehicle by the end of 2017. The vehicle would be self-flying and could be used for cargo and passengers.

Airbus is also working on the Airbus Skyways project, which is designing parcel delivery drones for urban areas. The first test will be on the National University of Singapore
Flight tests of the flying vehicle will commence this year … (click to read more)

Skyways Project at University of Sinagpore


Airbus calls the Skyways project an “Urban last-mile delivery solution.” In February, Airbus Helicopters and the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) signed a memorandum of understanding allowing Airbus Helicopters to test a drone parcel delivery service on the campus of the National University of Singapore in mid-2017 … (click to read more)

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