Senators Warn On Postal Reform: Must Improve Service

Twenty-seven U.S. Senators from both parties signed a letter to their leadership urging any postal reform legislation must improve mail service.

“While we are encouraged by the postal reform legislation … reported out of the House … to improve the Postal Service’s financial condition, we are deeply concerned by the lack of service improvements and protection provisions in the bill,” the letter states.

“For any comprehensive postal reform bill to have a chance of passing this Congress, it needs to truly address the key problem facing customers across the country, which is the need for better service performance,” the letter continues.

The letter cites the USPS elimination of the overnight delivery standard in early 2015 having an impact on mail delivery and postal employees.

“The costs of going back to the July 2012 service standard woud be significant and should be carefully and accurately examined,” the Senators write.

The Senators call for four “service protections” in the final bill, which currently exist in the Senate version:

1) A performance target system to ensure the accurate measurement of mail delivery;

2) Publish online performance information with operations plans when targets are not met;

3) Make the USPS meet operational plans without lowering service standards;

4) Develop a long-term solvency plan.

“Improving service needs to be a critical piece of any comprehensive postal reform bill,” he letter states.

Click here for a full copy of the letter

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