Full-Service Assessments To Begin November 14, 2016

The Postal Service will begin Assessments for Electronic Verification Metrics in November 2016 for October data. The assessments result in the removal of the Full-Service discount on those pieces in error above the established thresholds. Automated email Assessment notifications will be sent as described below on the 11th day of each month.

Note: Due to the Veteran’s Day holiday, the November 2016 notifications will be sent on November 14th.

As a reminder, to submit a mailing as Full-Service, and claim the per piece discount, the following requirements must be met:

· Mailer Identification (MID)
· Service Type Identification (STID)
· By (mail preparer) and For (mail owner) fields
· Barcode Uniqueness
· Entry Facility
· Unlinked CoPal

Assessments are generated at the electronic documentation (eDoc) submitter Customer Registration ID (CRID) level when there are errors that exceed the established thresholds for a calendar month. The Postal Service will send automated email notifications to the user associated to the Verification Assessment Evaluator service for the eDoc submitters Business Customer Gateway (BCG) profile.

Every Full-Service mailer must have an employee registered in the Business Customer Gateway with access to the Verification Assessment Evaluator (VAE) Service. (Click here for details)

Prior to the November 14, 2016 Assessment Date USPS is encouraging mailers to review their current user roles within the Business Customer Gateway. The document posted here provides you with step by step instructions to review, change and add user roles within the Business Customer Gateway.

A fact sheet, which provides an overview of the Full-Service Assessment process, can be found here.

More information about the assessment process can be found in section 6.0 of the Publication for Streamlined Acceptance for Letters and Flats found here: (click here)

To ensure mailers are prepared for the November 2016 assessment date, the Postal Service will continue outreach to every mailer and support the Mailer Scorecard Hotline calls. Mailers are encouraged to access the Full-Service Mail Quality Metrics and reach out to local USPS BMEU staff for assistance. Any irregularities or questions with the Mailer Scorecard should be reported through the webinar hotline calls, PostalOne! Helpdesk at 800-522-9085 or via email at Include the phrase “Mailer Scorecard” in the subject line of the email.


Full Service Postage Assessments


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