Postal Regulatory Commission

UPDATE: PRC OK’s Postage Rate Hike

The Postal Regulatory Commission approved USPS rate hikes for competitive products as well as updates to the Mail Classification Schedule … (click to read more) The PRC [...]

Bankers: Keep Postage Rate Cap

The American Bankers Association urged the PRC to keep the CPI price cap on postage rate hikes, stating the current system is working well … (click to read [...]

Postal Union: End Postage Rate Cap

The American Postal Workers Union is against the current inflation-based price cap on postage rate hikes, it stated in a filing with the Postal Regulatory Commission … [...]


Denies Mailer Groups Procedure Changes The Postal Regulatory Commission ruled against mail industry groups seeking to change the procedures of the PRC’s rate review, a [...]

PRC Issues 2016 Annual Report

The Postal Regulatory Commission released its Annual Report to the President and Congress providing an account of the activities undertaken by the Commission during 2016 [...]