Tabbing & Labelling System

The Buskro BK730 can handle labels up to 3″ wide (5″ for BK730WL) by 7″ long and thanks to its large buffer container can apply them at an astonishing speed. Also, [...]

New Quantum Inkjet Systems

BUSKRO has added additional printer models to its line ofQuantum Print System products. The Quantum printer is a wide-swath, high resolution piezo-DOD inkjet printer which [...]

A Guide To Inkjet Ink Selection

Buskro offers a full suite of ink formulations with its family of inkjet printing technologies to optimize the print results on the widest range of substrates. Buskro ink [...]

New Water-based Ink Solution

BUSKRO has introduced its new water-based, Legar ink solution formulated to produce low-cost, dark images on porous substrates. Legar combines the darkness of HP inks with [...]

New Buskro Digital Label Press

The Buskro DLP125-M digital label press is a simple yet powerful variable inkjet personalization system specifically designed for the label production environment … [...]

Buskro Quantum Inkjet Printhead

Buskro hottest printing innovation — the Quantum printhead — combines the self-encompassed design of the Atom with the proven Kyocera print technology and is [...]