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UPS Tests Residential Delivery Via Drone In Florida

UPS announced today that it has successfully tested a drone that launches from the top of a UPS package car, autonomously delivers a package to a home and then returns to the vehicle … (click to read more)

Pitney Bowes Announces Epic Inserter Upgrades

Pitney announced several innovations to its EPIC Inserting System that will make the company’s first multi-format inserter even more versatile … (click to read more)

Inkless Paper Uses Light, Not Ink To Print Text

Scientists have created a paper that can be printed with ultraviolet light, and with a little heat can be erased and re-used. Not yet available on the market, the inkless paper offers a possibility of future printing … (click to read more)

BÖWE Fusion Cross Inserter Featured At Hunkeler ’17

The high-speed Fusion Cross inserting system forms the centerpiece of BÖWE SYSTEC’s trade show presence at the Hunkeler Innovationdays … (click to read more)

Bell and Howell Acquires Sensible Technologies

Bell and Howell announced today it is acquiring the assets of Sensible Technologies, LLC, a company that provides intelligent production systems … (click to read more)

Wolverine Buys Document Inkjet Press

Wolverine Solutions Group announces major investment in its Detroit-based business … (click to read more)

Credit Union Brings Doc Processing Back In-House

Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union Implements Award-Winning Document Processing Solution … (click to read more)

Content Critical Swaps Equipment Service Vendor

Content Critical selected a new equipment service vendor to lower costs … (click to read)

AccuDocs Stops Inserting, Now Inveloping

Eliminates Preprinted Stock, Makes Envelopes On The Fly With Inveloper … (click to read more)

JLS Tests Neopost’s IS-6000 Mailing System

When asked to provide feedback on a new high-volume mailing solution, Jim Clark, President of JLS Mailing Services, jumped at the chance … (click to read more)

UPS Begins Drone Delivery Test Flights

United Parcel Service Inc’s launch this week of drone test flights simulating emergency medical-supply deliveries … (click to read more)

NPI Helps Shipper Tackle Ecommerce Sorting

Shipper gains the benefits of faster parcel sortation and process automation … (click to read more)

Melissa Data Enables CRM Active Data Quality

Melissa Data announced active data quality tools and services for Microsoft Dynamics CRM … click to read more

Paper Mart Celebrates 75th Anniversary

Paper Mart Inc., a leading supplier of paper, envelopes and packaging to the industry, is celebrating its 75th anniversary … click to read more

HP Video On Kirk-Rudy Ink Jet Technology

Interesting video details a lettershop’s use of HP ink on Kirk-Rudy ink jet system. Click to watch.

Hot Technology Of 2016

Here’s what the Official Mail Guide says is the technology you need to consider for your operation. Click to download report.

Full Service Compliance Opportunities From Assurety

The changing technological landscape has led to new regulations, some confusion, and even more opportunities in postal logistics. As the USPS experiments with regulations, they have opened up opportunities for commercial mailers and parcel shippers … click to read more

Melissa Data Launches Industry-First Master Address Table, Adding Location Intelligence to Every U.S. and Canadian Address

Melissa Data, a leading provider of global data quality solutions, today announced its Master Address Table, an industry-first approach to validating, enhancing, and managing addresses in a given neighborhood or area. The Master Address Table contains current, detailed information on more than 180 million U.S. addresses, including residential, commercial, and more than two million non-USPS® addresses, or physical addresses that do not receive USPS delivery. In a critical advancement pioneered by Melissa Data, each address is assigned a Melissa Address Key™(MAK™), a unique, persistent key that never changes; this proprietary technology ensures efficient data updates, only required when addresses change or are added. Click to read more …

How Technology Can Make Mail Irresistible

By Jim Cochrane.  Chief Marketing & Sales Officer and Executive Vice President, The United States Postal Service

Twenty-first century technology continues to leap from LCD screens into the physical world, including the world of print marketing. Direct mail has defended its spot in the advertising world by consistently delivering a strong ROI, and marketers are recognizing the value of finding new ways to couple social media and outdoor media, email and mail, to achieve success.

The key for any marketer is to stay flexible and understand what consumers want. Today, we’re seeing the importance placed on an interactive, omni-channel experience.

[Click here for the original PDF version of this article.]

How To Transition Your Operation To Inkjet Printing Technology

Highlighting the significant themes from the recently published book The Inkjet Edge — How to Transition Your Business to Inkjet, Canon has released a PDF booklet that offers recommendations, best practices, and guidance from those who have already made the switch to inkjet as well as leading experts and analysts. The booklet is a must a any mail or print operation looking to transition to high-speed production inkjet. Click to download.

Bell and Howell Expands Service of Ricoh InfoPrint® Printers in Canada

With a network of hundreds of experienced service technicians throughout Canada and the United States, Bell and Howell Global Services can typically be on-site within two hours to perform maintenance or repair a production printer, mail machinery or other industrial mechatronics systems from over 50 brands. As Ricoh® is no longer supporting the InfoPrint 3900 printer and will soon discontinue others, Bell and Howell is reassuring Ricoh owners in Canada that it is, and will continue to be, actively servicing the following IBM®/Ricoh InfoPrint models: 3300, 3800, 3900, 4000 and 4100. Additionally, the company can service all associated pre/post equipment from Lasermax®, Hunkeler®, Tecnau®, RSI®, Stralfors®, ESP® and others. Click to continue …

Neopost USA’s All-New Mach 6 Digital Color Printer Delivers Unprecedented Cost Savings, Productivity, Durability

Neopost USA, a provider of hardware and software solutions to mailers and shippers of all sizes, has introduced an entirely new from-the-ground-up digital color printer. The all-new MACH 6 is based on Memjet technology and utilizes the new Sirius platform*.

The MACH 6 offers several exclusive features … Click to read more …