Mail Very Effective For Politicians

Mail is one of the most effective ways for candidates to reach voters, better than the internet and television in some cases. The ability to target and the relatively low [...]

USPS Announces Officer Realignment

The USPS is making changes within its Marketing and Deputy Postmaster General organizations to better serve customers. “Although the entire organization is responsible for [...]


The USPS filed 2017 Postage Rates with the PRC last Wednesday … (click for rate filing) Single Price for Commercial Letters up to 3.5 ounces, Adjusts FSS Pricing; [...]

Fall 2016 USPS Delivery Outlook

USPS Service has improved greatly in 2016 and that will have a positive impact as we go into the Fall mailing season, Quad Graphics reports … (Click to read [...]

New Move Update Guide Released

The USPS has released an updated guide on Move Update dated August 2016. This guide includes critical information for business mailers complying with postal regulations. [...]

Standard Mail Name Change

Following up on USPS Chief Marketing Officer Jim Cochrane’s call for a new name for Standard Mail, the USPS is proposing changing Standard Mail to Marketing Mail. The [...]