MTAC User Group Guidelines

The Postal Service has released guidelines for the management of MTAC (Mailers’ Technical Advisory Committee) user groups.


The Postal Service has released a PDF on the basic design elements for flats.

Address Element Correction (AEC) User Guide, Order Form Released

The Postal Service has released its AEC and AEC II Address Element Correction USER GUIDE for the quality process developed by the USPS with industry support.

Secured Destruction Program Guidelines Released

The USPS has released its Secure Destruction guidelines. As part of its going efforts to improve service and enhance the sustainability of the mail, the United States Postal Service (USPS) has developed a new Secure Destruction (SD) Service option. Secure Destruction is an opt-in mail service offered by the Postal Service under its USPS BlueEarth brand of sustainable customer programs.

New USPS Enterprise Payment System Lets Mailers Pay From Centralized System

The U.S. Postal Service is upgrading its payment architecture for enterprise and business customers. The new Enterprise Payment System (EPS) will replace the current product-centered payment with a centralized account management system that provides enhanced security features, centralized balance and account management, and a self-service customer experience.


The Postal Service has released USPS Publication 6850, Streamlined Mail Acceptance for Letters and Flats, which contains the policies and processes for the verification of eligible business mailings using tools provided by Intelligent Mail Full-Service, eInduction, and Seamless Acceptance.

Latest Mail Household Diary Study Released

The 2016 HOUSEHOLD DIARY STUDY from the United States Postal Service has been released.

Ten Common Mailpiece Design Mistakes

The Postal Service has identified the ten most common mistakes they encounter with mailpiece design — and has published a handy document on how to improve your mail.

2017 Postal Promotions Technical Information

The USPS released a handy chart detailing technical requirements for the 2017 postal promotions.

Informed Visibility User Guide Released

This guide provides information about United States Postal Service (USPS) mail tracking through Informed Visibility (IV), which allows mailers to track letter and flat containers, handling units (trays, tubs, and sacks), bundles, and pieces.

eInduction Penalty Assessment Worksheet

The electronic Induction (eInduction) process streamlines the preparation and induction (how and where the mail physically enters the Postal Service mailstream) of drop shipments and expedited plant load mailings.

IV Mail Tracking Roadmap for 2017 Released

The Postal Service released time frames for Informed Visibility mail tracking in 2017.

Informed Visibility PDF: The Power of Information

A detailed PDF of Informed Visibility shows the power of information available to mailers to track their mail and delivery performance.

Address Change Service (ACS) Information Guide

Many mailers are unaware of Address Change Service and ancillary endorsement options that help comply with Move Update standards, detailed in this handy ACS Information Guide.

Postal Payment & Acceptance MTAC Presentation

Here is Pritha Mehra’s MTAC presentation on Postal Payment, Acceptance and Education.

USPS White Paper: Getting Direct With Direct Mail

As marketers continue to explore methods of advertising – social, search, email – it’s now possible to reach consumers anytime, anywhere.

USPS Thinking Inside & Outside The Parcel Box

The OIG identifies eight innovation opportunities for the parcel box, providing use cases and an explanation of how the Postal Service has used the innovation in the past.

Shipping Process Strongly Influences Customer Loyalty

The major reasons a customer makes a repeat online purchase are linked to logistics and transport such as free shipping, return options, delivery times and shipping updates. There is an undeniable link between your shipping process and your customer’s satisfaction, detailed in new report.

New Mail.dat Specs From USPS

The Postal Service released the new Mail.dat Technical Specifications publication effective March 17, 2017. The 375-page document details steps for exchanging electronic data with the PostalOne! system using the Mail.dat file format.

USPS Files Move Update Assessment Process

The Postal Service’s Address Quality Method and Assessment Process notice has been filed in the Federal Register. The notice lays out how the USPS will quantify address quality and assess penalties for mailers.

How Other Nation’s Price Mail

The USPS Office of Inspector General found that in five countries price regulation has recently become more flexible in two ways – through a reduction of scope of products that fall under price regulation or allowance of higher price increases on regulated products.

How Aflac Improved Address Quality

Aflac’s Address Standardization Project was initiated to find a new address validation software system to streamline processes, continue the company’s record of being USPS compliant, retain current postage discounts, and to mitigate any potential fines due to poor address quality.

Direct Mail Starter Promotion Details Released

The 2017 Direct Mail Starter Promotion program requirements have been released by the USPS.

USPS Emerging Technology Promotion Reqs Released

The USPS has released requirements for its 2017 Emerging And Advanced Technology promotion that gives postal discounts for participants.

Informed Visibility Data Dictionary Available

The USPS released its Informed Visibility Data Dictionary describes the data attributes available in the external-facing Informed Visibility®(IV®) Mail Tracking & Reporting system.

Customize Your Postal Permit Indicia

USPS Picture Permit Indicia (PPI) is an updated USPS offering that provides organizations with the opportunity to creatively add value to their mailpiece.

A New Approach in Delivering Corporate Services

BY JOE FREEMAN, Operations Specialist, Canon Business Process Services — (This article appeared in the Official Mail Guide, Fall 2016 – Winter 2017 Edition.) How a healthcare industry leader tapped used mail management services designed to help support the organization’s commitment to quality.

Best Practices For Improving Mailing Address Quality

An MTAC work group has released an outstanding 37-page guide to best practices for address quality to reduce Undeliverable-as-Addressed (UAA) mail.

Mailers Can Use Street Address Of Their PO Box As Mailing Address

The United States Postal Service offers customers the option of using a PBSA as an equivalent of the customer’s traditional P.O. Box-style address. The customer’s mailing address may be either a PBSA, which is street-style address for the Post Office where their P.O. Box is located, or the traditional P.O. Box-style address.

USPS Manifest Mailing Guide Released

The Postal Service has released an updated Pub 401 Guide To The Manifest Mailing System. Manifest mailing is an automated system that allows a mailer to document postage and fees for all pieces in a mailing paid via permit imprint indicia.

International Mail Security Report By OIG

The Inspector General issued the Inbound International Mail Operations report, which much of the critical information blacked-out (redacted).

GPO Releases New Style Manual

The U.S. Government Publishing Office (GPO) has issued the 31st edition of the GPO Style Manual, the first update since 2008 and the latest edition since it was first published in 1894.

USPS Address Information System Products Guide Released

The Address Information System (AIS) Products Technical Guide is a consolidated user guide containing documentation on all AIS products.

UPDATE: Informed Visibility For Your Mail In 2017

The USPS has released updated information on Informed Visibility. The Postal Service is introducing Informed Visibility® (IV®), which provides the mailing industry with powerful insight into the USPS mailstream.

VIDEO: Amazon First Drone Delivery

Amazon successfully completed its first autonomous drone delivery in Cambridge, England.

SUPER COOL: Interactive Mail Delivery Standards Map

The Postal Service has introduced a dynamic delivery services map that lets you identify 3-Digit ZIP and city and plug in originating or destinating service. The result: a color-coded map that shows you what the service standard is.

Share Mail Product Info Released

The Postal Service has released information on Share Mail, a postal product that lets users send Single-Piece First-Class Mail without affixing a stamp.

Cost Of Downtime In Print and Mail Operations

Bell and Howell Releases Report on Cost of Downtime in Print and Mail Operations; Addresses downtime, preventative maintenance, data protection and recovery.

Informed Visibility Data Dictionary Update Released

The USPS released an updated Informed Visibility Mail Tracking & Reporting External Facing Data Dictionary.

Share Mail aka Alternate Postage

The Postal Service has released information on Share Mail, a postal product that lets users send Single-Piece First-Class Mail without affixing a stamp.

USPS Doing Better Than Projected

In 2011 the Postal Service released projections on future mail volumes and revenue. The projections showed a troubled picture of the USPS amid declining mail volumes, internet competition, and the recession. They turned out to be wrong.

OIG Report On Use Of Private Contractor Studies

The Office of the Inspector General released a report on USPS use of private contractor studies, stating the Post was unable to produce 30 of the 97 studies it asked to see

Mail Use Study Reveals USPS’s Shifting Role

The Lexington Institute analyzed the recent USPS Household Diary Study and came to some interesting conclusions

Public Perception Of Drone Delivery Mixed

The Inspector General examines public perception of drone delivery

IMpb January 2017 Compliance InfoSheet

USPS Webinar PDFs on IMpb Compliance

Intelligent Mail Options For Smaller Mailers

USPS Guide to Intelligent Mail services for small mail operations

VIDEO: How Mail & Packages Are Processed By USPS

A great video that shows how mail is processed by the Postal Service.

Mail Household Diary: Mail Use & Attitudes In FY 2015

The USPS has released its annual Mail Household Study which details what Americans receive in the mail and how they use mail in 2015.

OIG Releases Report On Mail Processing Operations

Inspector General’s Continuous Improvement of Mail Processing Operations

How Technology Can Make Mail Irresistible

USPS Chief Marketing Officer On The Secrets Of Irresistible Mail

PRC Releases 2017-2022 Strategic Plan

Postal Regulatory Commission identifies key areas to manage as postal regulator.

Mail An E-Mail Address

The Postal Service will soon be able to deliver mail that just has an email address.

Best Of USPS’s Omni-Channel Campaign

Postal Service’s CMO details effective omni-channel campaign during holiday season.

JLS Tests Neopost’s IS-6000 Mailing System

Legendary lettershop uses latest postage meter mailing system and loves the results.

Using Informed Delivery To Add Value To Mail

One of the nation’s largest mail printers shows how Informed Visibility brings control.

Direct Meets Digital: From Evolution to Revolution

Lettershop shows how digital is transforming the direct mail business.

How Lithographic Communications Cleans Data

Printer needs a way to keep customer data clean. Finds solution.

New Inserters Bring Dynamic Results for Mailer

High volume print-mail service bureau finds solution for manufacturing documents.

The Future Of Ad Mail

The OIG offers five scenarios on the future of advertising mail in a special report.