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Profile: BlueCrest, formerly the Document Messaging Technologies division of Pitney Bowes, is now a new, independent company with a long tradition of global leadership in enterprise print, mail, and customer communications solutions. We’re breaking out to become more nimble and responsive, to bring you not only the expertise and services you’ve known us for, but also new capabilities and customized solutions fueled by collaboration, a commitment to security, and a passion for efficiency. BlueCrest is where speed meets precision, innovation meets opportunity, and message meets momentum.

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BlueCrest is committed to helping clients streamline their sortation needs, while enhancing their experience and reducing costs through precision and accuracy. The latest innovative solutions for BlueCrest letter and parcel sortation include:

The Vantage™ Sorting Solution is a multi-application system for both outbound and inbound mail. It offers high-speed inline weighing of both letters and flats as well as high-speed in-line metering. The Vantage™ boasts an overall throughput speed of 45,000 pieces per hour and comes equipped with Flexline Stackers in two-tier, three-tier or four-tier configurations. It is also equipped with enhanced features such as double-detection, in-line printing and first-class OCR.

TrueSort® is an ultra-flexible high-speed parcel sorting solution. It provides a choice of multiple sorting technologies to handle various parcel weights and sizes, including the tilt tray, bomb bay, push tray, shoe sorter and others. The TrueSort’s modular design makes it completely customizable and it produces accurate parcel read rates with best-in-class cameras, lighting and software.

VariSort™ Mixed Mail Sorting Solution automates difficult-to-sort flats – including polywrap, irregular pieces and small parcels. This hybrid sorting solution can sort up to 8,000 pieces per hour and can be customized to include OCR, WABCR, in-line labeler or choice of feeders including an automatic feed station.

OneSort® Plus is an integrated small footprint data capture solution for large pallet-sized dimensions and weight. The solution provides easy access to stored parcel data for large boxes, crates and pallets, while reducing human error and discrepancies that can occur with manual logs. The OneSort® Plus helps make shipping processes run faster while simplifying workflows.

The OneSort® Pro is a complete parcel induction and management system. This all-in-one sorter instantly weighs and dimensions any shape with certified accuracy. The OneSort® Pro scans barcodes, captures OCR data and prints labels and receipts. It enables positive piece level tracking and supports real-time data communication for logistics planning.

OneSort® Prime captures dimensions and weights from virtually any boxes, flats or irregular pieces. It provides error-free data capture and helps eliminate DIM weight chargebacks. The OneSort® Prime provides faster shipment processing and better shipment management to prevent revenue loss and decreased services levels.

The EZ-Flats™ and EZ-Flats™ Pro sorting systems simplify complex postal rules and leverage USPS discounts for low cost of entry. The EZ-Flats can process up to 2,000 flats per hour while the EZ-Flats Pro can process up to 2,000 small parcels per hour. Both systems provide in-line labeling, weighing and scanning. On average, first time operators are up to speed and running EZ-Flats and EZ-Flats Pro in as little as 15 minutes.

Relia-Vote™ automated mail ballot solutions is a high integrity automated process for vote-by-mail ballot operations. Relia-Vote™ is used by both large and small jurisdictions across the country and offers advanced monitoring, reporting, tracking and auditing capabilities with reduced processing times. Ballot envelopes are sorted at high-speeds with less risk and a complete audit trail.

SortEngine™ 360 is a multi-application software that enables sortation solutions to be connected across a customer’s network. Customers can achieve multi-site optimization within their operations and add capacity without adding additional hardware. This solution lowers costs, moving customers from multiple machine usage to one Vantage system per location, adding space.