BOWE Introduces Autonomous Mobile Robot

From the Official Mail Guide Fall 2023:  Bowe Group’s new T-Bot or TugBot is designed to tow up to 1,300 pound carts or other “rolling stock’ and can be used in warehouse, factory, logistics, eCommerce fulfillment, mailing and other operations that involve the intra-facility movement of carts. Users can define multiple fixed or flexible routes and “pick-up” and “drop-off” locations for T-Bot to transport carts.

T-Bot was designed to enable companies of all sizes to automate their intralogistics processes without any modifications to the facility and with no changes (or replacement) required to their existing carts. Powered by the ROS-based, powerful software platform, T-Bot is a highly flexible AMR that safely
operates as a CoBot or Cooperative Robot in production environments that include a changing mix of people, equipment, other AMR’s, etc. … (click to read more)

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