No More “Address Service Requested” Option July 9

Effective July 9, 2023, the USPS will eliminate the manual address correction notices (PS 3547). This will require any customer who is currently using an on-piece ancillary endorsement of Address Service Requested, Forwarding Service Requested or Change Service Requested to stop using the endorsement and incorporate their request in their STID using Address Change Service (ACS). ACS is a free service when mailing Full Service.

The customer must register their MID and complete a few forms to initiate the ACS service.

The endorsement Return Service Requested does not have the potential of generating a manual address correction notice, so customers may continue to use it.

When using ACS, the on-piece endorsement is “Electronic Service Requested”. This is the same for all classes of mail regardless of the actual treatment for the handling of the returned mail selected. The printed endorsement is optional for First-Class Mail.

Mailers who wish to use a Change Service must use “Electronic Change Service” and supply their MID (Mailer ID). The mailer will have to pull the address change resports electronically. Other options include using NCOA or using “Or Current Resident or Occupant” on their mailings.

The Postal Service published the Final Federal Register Notice concerning the elimination of hardcopy address correction notice options for Full-Service and Seamless Acceptance mailers on February 7, 2023. As a result, the Service Type ID Table will be updated to eliminate the Full-Service Manual Address Correction STIDs for First-ClassMail®, Periodicals®, Bound Printed Matter, Ballot and USPS Marketing Mail®.

Additionally, Full-Service No Address Correction STIDs will no longer generate a separate PS Form 3547, Notice to Mailer of Correction in Addresswhen a printed endorsement is present.

Click for Federal Register Notice On Address Correction Service