Mail Transport Equipment (MTE) Users Must Report Inventory Weekly

The MTEOR Terms and Conditions states that all MTEOR users are required to complete their inventory reports on a weekly basis by Wednesday at 11:59 PM local time.

Effective November 30, 2022, each mailer’s facility receiving MTE from the United States Postal (USPS) must report their on-hand inventory. Reporting must be completed by close of business each Wednesday through the MTEOR system on the Inventory Report module.

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Reportable MTE inventory includes:

● All trays, tubs, sleeves and sacks, and pallets
● Empty and non-empty rolling stock
● Equipment being offloaded from USPS plant and MTESC trailers
● Defective equipment
● Outbound loaded trailers of empty MTE going to sister plants, trading partners, postal facilities, and
● MTE provided by USPS both from MTEOR and other means
● MTE within the facility, in the yard, outside of the building, on the dock, in trailers, sitting in the
parking lot, etc.

For Additional Information: Email: or call: 866-330-3404